Reaper Commanders are minions of the Dark Lord in the Secret Quest of Find Mii 2.

Like all reapers, they carry a scythe and wear torn clothes, which are orange. They make a clacking sound when attacked. When they scare away a hero, they hiss and angrily swing their scythe at the hero attempting to hit them. Once they are defeated, they collapse and disappear into purple smoke.


  • Like all Reapers they are vulnerable to White Magic.
  • It starts the round by using a curse gas that will make heroes unable to either attack or use magic. The player won't know which it is until they have chosen, it will also switch back and forth between the two options, making it hard to battle a reaper.
    • The player can purchase a Dispelling Draft from the potion service to dispel the curse gas.


  • Dolorous Deepwood - East
  • Castle of Darkness - Throne Room, with one Armored Demon, the room is dark.


  • Although the Reaper Commander is tougher than the Captain, Captain is actually a rank higher than Commander in military branches such as the Navy and Coast Guard.
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