Reaper Captain is an enemy from Find Mii 2. It has 45 HP and is first seen in the Castle of Darkness in the normal quest of Find Mii 2.


  • Reaper Captain uses Barrier gas which nullifies all magic attacks.
    • This can be removed with a Dispelling Draft from the poition service.
  • It is weak to White Magic, like all other reapers


Find Mii 2

  • Castle of Darkness - Throne Room, with one Armored Demon, room is ablaze.

Find Mii 2 Secret Quest

  • Dolorous Deepwood - North
  • Dolorous Deepwood - South, with Armored Ghost
  • Forest of Sorrow - Exit, with Armored Demon, room is filled with venomous gas.
  • Castle of Darkness - Courtyard, with one Marauding Mummy, room is icy.


  • Although the Reaper Captain is weaker than the Commander, Captain is actually a rank higher than Commander in military branches including the Navy and Coast Guard.
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