The Reaper Cadet is an enemy from Find Mii 2. It has 30 HP, and take one point less damage from attacks.


  • The one that appears in Forest of Sorrow in Find Mii 2 is protected by noxious poison. To pass this poison 2 Yellow heroes are required. This is not the case when it appears in the Secret Quest.
  • It starts the round by using a curse gas that will make heroes unable to either attack or use magic. The player won't know which it is until they have chosen, it will also switch back and forth between the two options, making it hard to battle a reaper.
    • The player can purchase a Dispelling Draft from the potion service to dispel the curse gas.
  • It is weak to white magic.


  • Forest of Sorrow - Exit, room is covered in noxious poison.
  • Forest of Fright - Entrance
  • Shrine of Shadows - West, with a Blue Slime wielding shadowlight shield.
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