Really Gnawty is a giant Gnawty who is the boss of Gorilla Glacier in the game of Donkey Kong Country and is also known as the fourth boss in the game.


The battling style is very similar of when the Kongs battled Very Gnawty, due to being defeated by when the Kongs jump on his head 5 times like Very Gnawty. The differences of the battling style are that Really Gnawty jumps further, faster, and higher. Really Gnawty jumps exceedingly high, making it hard for the Kongs to defeat him. After a jump on the head, Really Gnawty will attempt to jump high to try and crush Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Really Gnawty also does this a certain amount of times after each attack, because he jumps high to attempt to crush the Kongs once on the first hit, twice on the second hit, and so on. Like Very Gnawty, Really Gnawty jumps further and faster after each jump. Also when hitting 5 times, the Kongs will win the battle and Really Gnawty will collapse to the ground, making the Kongs win.

In the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country, Really Gnawty uses his high jump attacks for a new reason by jumping all the to another side of the screen and the furthest away from the Kongs by slamming onto the ground and causing the stalagmites above to fall. If the Kongs aren't careful when the stalagmites hit them, Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong will lose a life or be lost as a Kong.


Name Origin

Really Gnawty's name appears to be a pun on the two words Really and Naughty, due to Really Gnawty being a beaver and an enemy.

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