The Ravaged Path is one of the many cave areas in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Platinum. In order for the player to get there, he/she must first enter the cave in Route 204. Once he/she does, the player will need to use one of his/her Pokémon to use Rock Smash to break the rocks in front of him/her. Next, the player can either exit the cave by going out the other opening or collect the items. With the move Rock Smash, the player able to obtain an Antidote and a TM39, though he/she will need HM Surf to get TM03 and Luck Incense.

List of Pokémon

Name Location Version
Geodude Land D P
Zubat Land/water (s) D P
Golbat Water (s) D P
PKMN339.png Barboach Water (GR) D P
Magikarp Water (OR) D P
Psyduck Land/water (s) D P
Golduck Water (s) D P
S=Surf | OR=Old Rod | SR=Super Rod
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