The Raptor Boost (Falcon Knuckle in Japan) is a move that Captain Falcon performs as his side special attack in the Super Smash Bros. games. It has similarities to the Falcon Punch.


Captain Falcon will do a punch, as if he was performing the Falcon Punch (only he won't say "Falcon Punch!"), but he travels much farther and he goes much faster. If he hits an opponent, he performs an uppercut which will launch the opponent upwards instead of forwards. This move can send the opponent soaring off the top of the screen.

As of Brawl, the move performs differently in the air. If it hits an opponent, it will hit them downward instead of up. It can be used as a meteor smash if it hits at the right time. However, it kills horizontal momentum this way in Melee, reducing the chance of a ledge grab. Raptor Boost is a pretty effective recovery as it covers greater horizontal distance than his up special, Falcon Dive. However, he is completely helpless if he doesn't hit in the air.


The Raptor is likely referring to how Falcons are raptors and the Boost is referring to how Captain Falcoon moves fast with this move and the boosts he uses in his games. As for the attack, like the rest of his moves, are largely original.


  • Ganondorf has a clone move of Raptor Boost in Melee called Gerudo Dragon. In Brawl, the move is replaced with Flame Choke which starts out similar but, chokes the opponent instead of uppercutting them.
  • This is the only one of Captain Falcon's moves that do not use the word Falcon. This is only in the West as Japan calls the move, Falcon Knuckle.
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