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[[Category:Dragalia Lost characters]]
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[[Category:Playable characters]]
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Ranzal is a playable character in Dragalia Lost.

Official DescriptionEdit

A skilled mercenary whose sloppy appearance and careless tongue can make for a sour first impression—although he always acts with honor and conviction in the end. He's been known to occasionally cut a little TOO loose at banquets.

Official Description (Gala Ranzal) Edit

Ranzal has been appointed a commander in the New Alberian army. He wears armor made by his friends, and has traded the axe of his mercenary days for a sword. He's still as boisterous as ever, but now has the dignity and presence of a leader.

Official Description (Summer Ranzal) Edit

Ranzal is doing what he does best at the beach— barbecuing! Using the finest ingredients and his own unique seasoning, his food must be tasted to be believed. Thankfully, there's nothing he likes better than filling the bellies of friends.

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