The Randnet Disk (ランドネットディスク Randonetto Disuku?) is a piece of software for the 64DD that allowed users to access the internet through Randnet.


It was marketed as the 64DD's web browser and connectivity disk. Randnet users could receive up to five email addresses with the basic service.

  • Beta testing: Experience pre-release games
  • Information exchange: Send messages about how to get through games, ask for help when you're stuck and chat with friends through the Internet
  • Community: Share comments about a game you're currently playing
  • Internet surfing: Surf the web on your TV
  • Editing tool: Create your own characters and music using dedicated creation tools
  • Print mail service (fee applied): Things created in Mario Artist could be ordered as postcards and stickers

Unreleased features

The following features never became available:

  • Battle: Play against gamers from all over Japan by using the network
  • Observe: Play "Peeping Tom" and watch other players combat each other i.e. game competition
  • Digital magazine: Get all sorts of sports info and results
  • Music data distribution: Listen to music through Randnet


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