Rakugakids is a fighting game made by Konami for the Nintendo 64. It features an art style based on children's doodles, hence the name, which comes from the Japanese word "Rakugaki" which means doodle. It was never released in America.


The Twinkle Gang sail to an island, where they find magical crayons in a cave, which they split among themselves, but the school bully Val steals the pack with the last two crayons. Val draws Mamezo, and the two cause trouble in Twinkle Town. The Twinkle gang draw their own superheros to stop Val and Mamezo.


Rakugakids has multiple modes, such as the story mode, where you must go up against every character (excluding Inuzo) until you reach the boss, Darkness. There is also a training mode, which lets you train a CPU player to go through the story mode.


Rakugakids' gameplay is similar to most standard fighting games, having 3 punch buttons and 3 kick buttons for controls. There is also "Trick" which is a taunt, and "Magic" which is a move that can be unleashed once the crayon meter is full. There are 3 types of Magic: Attack Magic, which is a high-damage move, Defense Magic, which lets the player have more space between the opponent, and Counterattack Magic, which is self explanatory.


  • Astronots - Drawn by Andy: An astronaut that attacks with ray guns, planets, and jetpacks.
  • Captain. Cat. Kit - Drawn by DDJ: A cat that attacks with brass instruments and basketballs.
  • Marsa - Drawn by Nola: A witch that has multiple jumps and attacks with lollipops, brooms, and bombs.
  • Robot C.H.O - Drawn by Jerry: A slow robot with powerful attacks that use electricity, sawblades, and more.
  • Beartank - Drawn by Clione: A sleepy bear that uses plenty of explosives.
  • Cools. Roy - Drawn by Roy: A cowboy that uses gattling guns, playing cards, and the spurs on his boots.
  • Mamezo - Drawn by Val: The main antagonist, a yellow creature that can transform into many things, such as an iron, a knife, and scissors.

Hidden Characters

The hidden characters can be unlocked by playing the game for certain amounts of time.

  • Inuzo - Drawn by Mudgas: Aside from a differnt idle stace and walk animation, Inuzo is the same as Mamezo.
  • Darkness - Drawn by George: The final boss. A ghost dog.


Rakugakids was given relatively positive reception. The main complaint was the long load times for a cartridge game.