Rakubiki Jiten DS (JP) is a piece of software released for the Nintendo DS in 2005 exclusively in Japan. The game is a dictionary and also features a Japanese to English translator as well. The game's interface is very similar to that of Pictochat, and the player can even interact with the built in DS program as well.


There are three different dictionaries in the game, each serving different purposes including a Japanese dictionary, a Japanese to English dictionary and vice versa. The software has a hand recognition tool where when you type a word, it instantly recognizes the word supposing the player doesn't have sloppy handwriting. The word descriptions will appear on the top screen, while everything else, including everything interactive, will be on the bottom. A list of all the words you've searched in a single setting can be navigated via the directional pad or shoulder buttons, which furthers the comparisons between this and Pictochat.

The lettering it understands includes hiragana, katakana, English and numbers, though it does not recognize Kanji.

Game & Watch games

Two Game & Watch games are available in this software, though to those that don't know of their existence, it's unlikely that they will find them. The two games include Ball and Manhole. In order to play the games, the player will have to type in the games title in the dictionary. For Ball, you can type in both "Ball" and "Game & Watch", though for Manhole you can just type in "Manhole". Everything from the original game, even the clock, is present. However, you can only play the games using the touch screen as opposed to the more traditional button controls from the original.