Rain Shower is a multiscreen Game & Watch video game released in 1983. It was released in 1983 and Nintendo reportedly made an estimated 250,000 units worldwide. In the game, your clothes are hanging up to dry outside, but it's about to rain, and you have to make sure your clothes don't get wet. The rain comes down in segments, so you can move the wire from left to right to make sure the segment of rain that's coming down don't get onto your clothes. In Game & Watch Gallery 4 for the Game Boy Advance the original game plus a new version that features Mario characters.


There are two floors, with each floor having a clothes line on the left and the right. In the beginning of a game a cloud will generate over the character's house, and rain drops will start to fall. The character will then have to go up to the second floor and move the line so that the rain doesn't drop on the clothes. He'll then have to go to the main floor and change the positioning of the clothes down there until the water hits the ground.

Game & Watch Gallery 4

In Game & Watch Gallery 4, there is a version of the game that includes greatly enhanced graphics and Mario characters. Mario is the playable character in the game, and he goes up and down a tree instead of up and down the floors of a house. Bowser is at the very top of the tree, and starts to throw water balloons on both sides of the tree. Green balloons will fall closest to the tree, while the purple ones will fall farther away. Instead of clothes there are various characters that Mario must save. In Game Mode A the game starts with Toad and Donkey Kong Jr., though in Game Mode B it starts with Yoshi, Luigi and Wario. Mario must move the characters' positioning in a similar manner to how the character in the original moved the clothes.

When the player is selecting which game to play in the menu, if he keeps the selection on Rain Shower, a miniature scene will play out. In it, there are two trees with a wire connecting them. In the middle of the wire is Toad. Spikey balls start to fall, and Toad is stuck in the middle. Luigi comes into the scene, and goes up the tree in an attempt to save him, though when Waluigi comes, he has worse intentions, and tries to pull the wire so that Toad gets hit. Waluigi eventually gets hit by one of the balls falling down, and after getting knocked off of the tree Toad flies into Luigi's hands.