The Raging Long Legs is a boss in Pikmin 2. Because it is an Arachnorb it greatly resembles its weaker cousin, the Beady Long Legs. The Raging Long Legs is bigger in every aspect- the feet, the sheer height, and the weak point. Its slow speed makes it a pushover, despite the appearance. Just be sure any other enemies in the vicinity are disposed of first that way you can focus your attention on the boss. A small group of Pikmin is best. Just get close and throw them all on the body and let them do some damage. Before the Raging Long Legs can throw them off, whistle them and run back so that your Pikmin will be out of the way of its stomping frenzy. If it doesn't have a reasure, it will drop Mitites. On Pikmin 2, it is occasionally found in the Angle Maze, on multiplayer.

Raging Long Legs Locations

  • On Sublevel 15 of the Hole of Heroes, the deepest floor in Pikmin 2.
  • On Sublevel 1 of the Cavernous Abyss in Challenge Mode.
  • Occasionally it will appear in the Angle Maze in 2-Player mode.


Olimar's Notes

"Arachnorbs boast a wondrous biological composition, with a silicon-based exoskeleton and innards coated with malleable heavy metals. However, much about these creatures remains a mystery, as specimens regularly explode when they are dissected. These explosions produce scorching flames that completely melt all internal organs, leaving us with a disappointing lack of information on the inner workings of the species. We must await the development of new dissection processes and more specialized research before we can better understand this enigmatic creature. However, the following observation notes have been recorded: appears to be leveling terrain for some unknown purpose... Location of eyes and ears not readily apparent... Freezing a specimen may yield new research opportunities."

Louie's Notes

"Neither boiling nor baking can diminish this creature's overpowering musky scent. Only suitable for serving to unpleasant in-laws."