Radiation Canopy is one of the thirty ship parts in Pikmin for the GameCube and New Play Control! for the Wii. This is one of the twenty five needed ship parts for the Olimar to leave the Distant Planet. This is like a cockpit for the S.S. Dolphin. In Pikmin 2 this is replaced by the blue onion, and the Mario Paint item. It needs thirty Pikmin to carry it, and the maximum number is fifty Pikmin.

How to Get

First get some Bomb Rocks to break the stone wall in the landing zone, then go front ward. You should see red bulborbs and Dwarf Red Bulborbs, kill them then throw your Pikmin on the ledge but, first you have to get Blue Pikmin to brake the gate in the water. Then, tell the Pikmin on the ledge to brake the black gate that is right in front of the arena. You should kill the Armored Beetle, you don't have to through, because the ship part is right behind it. It was found in the top left corner of the battle field.


Discovery Notes

"At last! My Radiation Canopy! This turns the harsh radiation of deep space into soft, infrared rays that are easy on the body. I'll sleep like a baby once I get this back to the ship."

Ship Log

"I'll have to inspect it later to make sure it hasn't cracked. I'll be in for even more trouble if I have any radiation leaks."

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