Radar Mission is a Game Boy video game by Nintendo that was released in 1990. It was a military game that was designed by Game Boy creator Gunpei Yokoi. There were two modes in the game, each entirely different from one another. The first game mode is based off of the game Battleship, while the second is less strategy and more action.


Game A

The first game is a turn based strategy game that is akin to Battleship. As in Battleship, you place your ships on a grid map that is 12x12, while the opposing computer or person will do the same. You won't know where they place their ships, and basically it's a guessing game in the start. You'll predict where they placed their ships on the map. Each ship is a different size, such as three panels long or two panels long. Once you hit a ship, it won't be completely destroyed. You'll have to guess which position the ship is facing and launch another attack, hoping that you hit the ship instead of the water.

Game B

Game B is entirely different from the first game. You'll control a submarine in the ocean and launch torpedos and bullets at opposing forces. The goal is to completely obliterate all of the other submarines in the ocean by directing your fire towards them. The guns do good with up close enemies, while the torpedos are suggested for those that are farther away.

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