Racing Gears Advance is a combat racing game released on the Game Boy Advance in 2005. It includes licensed vehicles from General Motors Corporation, Dodge, Lotus, and Mitsubishi. It was also the first game created by developer Orbital Media. The game has been said to be "the best GBA racer" (Play Magazine and Nintendo Power). It has received positive reviews from most critics.


The gameplay is seen from a birds eye view as you look down at the cars below. You are able to release attacks such as missiles and oil to effect the gameplay and to damage the other players.


The soundtrack for the game was composed by famed video game musician Neil D. Voss, whose previous work on the Nintendo 64 video game Tetrisphere nabbed him the best soundtrack award from Nintendo Power for that particular game's year of release. Racing Gears Advance's soundtrack won the "best use of sound" for the GBA by IGN in 2005.


After the success of Racing Gears Advance, Orbital Media announced a sequel for the Nintendo DS, though at the time being no information is known on the game. It is presumed by many that the game has been canned, as no information on this title or any other title by the developer has been seen in well over three years.

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