Rabbit Coaster 3

Another variation of the Rabbit Coaster.

The Rabbit Coaster(JP) was the first ever toy product released by Nintendo. Released in 1964, the Rabbit Coaster was a plastic toy. Kids placed capsules at the start of the track and let them go to see which one would make it to the end first. Different variations were released, with a popular one containing four levels, each one separated from one another. The very first version was one single connected track that featured four turns.


Several variations were released, including:

  • First variation: Had simple turns and wasn't very long. This was the first toy Nintendo ever released.
  • Unnamed second variation: The capsules would drop down at the end of each level. In all there were four levels, including the last one (no capsules dropped on the last one).
  • New Rabbit Coaster: An enhanced version of the first variation that incorporated the "drop down" elements of the second variation.
  • Captain Ultra Coaster: A space variation that featured a space dragon and an astronaut holding the tracks. A mysterious alien was placed in the center.
  • Ultra Coaster Game: Similar to the Captain Ultra Coaster, though featured a monster theme. A monster resembling King Kong and a unique monster held the tracks.
  • Rabbit Coaster Mini Game: A Mini Game variant of the Rabbit Coaster, this version was very small and could be played by dropping a marble at the top and watching it roll down the slopes.
  • N&B Rabbit Coaster: Allowed players to build their own Rabbit Coaster out of N&B Blocks.


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