Rabbits are small, furry fast mammals with long ears and large hind paws that appear in the Mario series. They are common in the fields and wooded regions of the Mushroom Kingdom and often hold important items and tend to flee if approached.


Nintendo Comics System

In the Bowser Knows Best issue of Nintendo Comics System, the Koopa Family has a pet rabbit named Pookie who they often mistreat, but escapes soon after his introduction.

Nintendo Adventure Books

In Leaping Lizards, Morton Koopa Jr. sneaks into the palace, vandalizing it and transforming the Mushroom King into a rabbit with his magic wand. Luigi's attempt to change the king back with the same scepter only makes matters worse, changing the king from a normal bunny into a human-sized one. In a later book, Unjust Desserts, Magikoopa sneaks into the palace garden with some enemies he had shrunk by shapeshifting into a rabbit.

Super Mario series

Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS

In Super Mario 64, a yellow rabbit named MIPS can be found in the basement of Peach's Castle. If caught, he will give Mario a secret Power Star. MIPS is found twice in the game: the first time after collecting 15 Power Stars, and the second time after 50 Power Stars.

In Super Mario 64 DS, rabbits feature much more prominently. They are found throughout the castle grounds (and their locations vary from character to character). The designated rabbits for each character have a specific color - yellow for Yoshi, pink for Mario, green for Luigi, and orange for Wario. When starting the game, there is one rabbit on Castle Grounds next to the hedge, holding the key to the castle's front door. Yoshi has to eat it to get the key and go inside.

If caught, they would unlock mini-games for the player to play in the Rec. Room. For the rabbits to appear, the player must first talk to the Toad in the Rec Room. The following is a list of locations of where they are found, the amount of Power Stars needed for them to appear, and the minigames that they unlock in Super Mario 64 DS:

Yoshi's Rabbits, color-coded yellow
Locations Mini-games unlocked Power Stars required to unlock
Outside the castle, at the end of the stone bridge left, near the front of the door entrance. Puzzle Panel 1 Star
Outside the castle, at the end of the stone bridge middle, next to #1. Hide and Boo Seek 1 Star
Outside the castle, at the end of the stone bridge right, next to #1 and #2. Boom Box 1 Star
Outside the castle, on the right near the flowers. Tox Box Shuffle 1 Star
Outside the castle on the left near the hedges. Which Wiggler? 1 Star
Outside the castle, at the moat. (You must drain it first). Puzzle Panic 12 Stars
In the basement, near the front, with the entrances to the Lethal Lava Land/Shifting Sand Land paintings. Mix a Mug 12 Stars
Mario's Rabbit, color-coded pink
Locations Minigames unlocked Power Stars required to unlock
Outside the castle, near the fence of the waterfall and moat. Sort or 'Splode 8 Stars
Outside the castle, at the moat (if you drain it). Shell Smash 12 Stars
In the room with the entrances to Jolly Roger Bay and The Secret Aquarium. Trampoline Bay 8 Stars
In the basement on the left to the entrances of Lethal Lava Land/Shifting Sand Land. Connect the Characters 12 Stars
In the basement on the right of the entrances to Lethal Lava Land/Shifting Sand Land, next to #4. Bounce and Trounce 12 Stars
In the second floor, next to the 50-door Star room and the Wet-Dry World painting. Trampoline Terror 31 Stars
In the large mirror room with the entrances to Snowman's Land and Wario's painting. Shuffle Shell 31 Stars
Luigi's Rabbits, color-coded green
Locations Minigames unlocked Power Stars required to unlock
Outside the castle on the left near the hedges. Pair-a-Gone and On 15 Stars
In the hallway of the second floor, next to the Wet-Dry World painting. Memory Master 31 Stars
In the courtyard, with the Boos, on the upper alcove (found by back-flipping right outside of the doorway). Picture Poker 15 Stars
In the basement in the room, where you ground pound the two pillars, after you did so. Mushroom Roulette 15 Stars
In the room with the entrance to Bob-omb Battlefield. Lucky Stars 15 Stars
In the 8-star door room with the entrance to Mario's painting, behind the Rec. Room/Sunshine Isles. Mario Slot 15 Stars
Outside the castle after getting 150 Stars, on the roof or do a Scuttle Jump up on the green patch of slope. Super Mario Slot 15 Stars
Wario's Rabbits, color-coded orange-gold
Locations Minigames unlocked Power Stars required to unlock
Outside the castle, to the far right, near the trees, past the wooden bridge. Bingo Ball 31 Stars
In the room with the entrance to Whomp's Fortress. Coincentration 31 Stars
In the courtyard, with the Boos over the fountain, near the two signs. Slots Shot 31 Stars
In the basement, where Toad is located. Psyche Out! 31 Stars
In the area with the entrances to Tiny-Huge Island in. Lakitu Launch 31 Stars
At the third floor, in the area with the entrances to Tick Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride, Over the Rainbows, and Bowser in the Sky. Intense Coincentration 50 Stars
In the small upper alcove in the entrance that goes to Over the Rainbows, next to #6. Giant Snowball Slalom 50 Stars

Glowing Rabbits

In addition, there are also 8 Glowing Rabbits that appear after getting at least 8 Power Stars and randomly take place of the standard Rabbits that have already been caught. You can catch all of them as any character in any part of the castle, though there is an easy trick. You can keep entering and exiting the front of the castle as Yoshi until you find all eight Glowing Rabbits since most of his rabbits are located outside. If you catch all of them, you can unlock the key to the empty white door residing in the character switching area, right of Wario's door. Boos' laughs can be heard and the character will come out through the door startled with a secret star. If you re-enter the door, Boo laughs will still be heard and you will come out startled again.

Super Mario 3D World

Rabbits appear again in Super Mario 3D World, where they can again be chased and caught to receive prizes. Normal rabbits hold power-ups and Coins, but rabbits surrounded by a green light have a Green Star. Larger variations (known as Big Rabbits) also appear and will give Mega Mushrooms or Green Stars to the players when caught. Rabbits can be held in place with the Wii U GamePad, allowing the player to catch them more easily.

Super Mario Odyssey

In Super Mario Odyssey, gray and white rabbits wearing top hats can be found in a few kingdoms, such as the Wooded Kingdom and the Lake Kingdom. They will hop away if approached; attacking them will cause it to hand over a Power Moon. These rabbits resemble the ones from Super Mario 64 DS and Super Mario 3D World in terms of body structure and proportion, as well as general purpose. Most kingdoms only feature one of these rabbits, if any; Bowser's Kingdom is an exception, with two; however, the second rabbit only offers Coins when captured. After hitting the Moon Rock in the Sand Kingdom, three will appear there, with two giving varying amounts of coins and the third giving the Power Moon; this one is faster than most and has a wider range, and is probably intended to be caught using Jaxi.

Many rabbits can also be found on the Dark Side of the Moon, in a location known as Rabbit Ridge. These rabbits wear top hats, and are entirely white. These rabbits also do not run if approached. They are ruled over by Madame Broode, an enormously-obese anthropomorphic rabbit, who is accompanied by her minions, the Broodals. It should also be noted that these rabbits' hats cannot be removed, possibly to prevent Mario from potentially capturing them.

Mario Party series

Mario Party Advance

In Mario Party Advance, Rabbits appear in the minigame Grabbit, in which the player must catch a certain amount of them with the given time limit. They also appear as toys in the minigame Bunny Belt, where the player needs to press the buttons in the right order to make a bunny toy. If they press in the wrong order, the toy will have a rat's body or a pig's snout.

Mario Party: Island Tour

In Mario Party: Island Tour, grey and gold Rabbits appear in the minigame Hare Today. In this minigame, the player must catch the Rabbits and place them within an enclosure. Regular Rabbits are worth one point, while Gold Rabbits are worth three points.

Mario Tennis Aces

Rabbits using their appearance from Super Mario 3D World appear in Mario Tennis Aces on the sides of the Piranha Plant Forest court.

Luigi's Mansion 3

In Luigi's Mansion 3, there is a room in Twisted Suites that contains a cage with a key in it. Attempting to grab the key will summon several purple Spirit Balls that turn the key into a golden rabbit that runs away from the player if they move too close. To capture it, Luigi or Gooigi must suck it up with the Poltergust G-00, then one of them must shine their Dark-Light Device at it, releasing the purple Spirit Balls within it. They then need to vacuum up the purple Spirit Balls and the golden rabbit will turn back into a collectible key.

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