Rabbid Cranky is a Rabbid dressed as Cranky Kong. He appears in the Donkey Kong Adventure add-on content for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, where he works with Donkey Kong, Rabbid Peach, and Beep-0 to rid Donkey Kong Island of Rabbid Kong and his army, and to decontaminate the island's bananas.


Rabbid Cranky seems to share many personality traits with Cranky Kong. When Rabbid Peach took his walking stick to use as a selfie stick without permission, he became angry at her, although he did pose with her for her selfies. Rabbid Cranky also dislikes being insulted as he hits Beep-0 with his cane for downgrading him, and uses him as a way to move around. Rabbid Cranky does share similar traits with fellow Rabbids such as love for mischief and chaos, but he seems to be somewhat more mature than them due to his "age."

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