R.C. Pro-Am is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System that was developed by Rare in 1987. The game is a vehicular racing combat title that requires the player to dodge oil pits, water puddles, enemy weapons and at the same time get in first place.


R.C. Pro-Am is a classic video game made by Rare that has the player controlling remote controlled cars. As the game's box points out, there are a total of 32 tracks in which you'll be required to race three other opponents on, dodging obstacles and attempting to get in front of the pack. Being a vehicular combat title, the game also includes weapons.


Two sequels of the game were created for Nintendo consoles - one for the same console titled R.C. Pro-Am II and one for the Game Boy called Super R.C. Pro-Am. A remake of this title was also developed for the Sega Genesis, and was thus not published by Nintendo. Various "clones" have even been created, reflecting similar gameplay aspects present in R.C. Pro-Am.

While overall nothing like R.C. Pro-Am, some have said the combat portion of the game influenced Super Mario Kart for the SNES (and subsequent releases in the Mario Kart series). Rare's own Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS for the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS can even be traced back to the title in this sense.

It was later rereleased for the Xbox One under a game called Rarity, which was a collection of Rare's fifteen most famous games. By this time, Rare's contract with Nintendo had expired and the game was released under the Microsoft banner. In the rereleased version, the player must now collect letters to spell "CHAMPION" whereas the original had "NINTENDO". This is likely due to copyright issues with Nintendo.

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