Quiz Thwomp

Quiz Thwomp

The Quiz Thwomp is a Thwomp who appeared in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Quiz 65[]

The Thwomp will ask Mario and Goombella questions in Shhwonk Fortress. If Mario gets a trio of wrong questions, he needs to fight a quartet of Clefts. Mario's stuck with the Clefts and if he doesn't have the Power Smash or POW Block, he has to die, the game must be restarted, or he can pull out a victory regardless via consistent super guards. A POW Block can crush these creatures with a hit. The Thwomp will complain that Mario crushed his Clefts. He can now enter underground.


  • Q: What's hidden in this place?
  • A: Stone Keys
  • Q: Ask a question about the combined two items in the Petalburg Item Shop.
  • A: Varies
  • Q: What is the name of the mayor of Petalburg?
  • A: Kroop
  • Q: Which of these following creatures have... hands?
  • A: Koopa Troopas
  • Q: What number question is this?
  • A: Question Seven

Quiz 66[]

The Thwomp is robotic instead of normal and is found in the X-Naut Fortress. If Mario and his partner get three wrong, they have to fight two X-Yux.


  • Q: Exactly, what's hidden here?
  • A: Elevator Key
  • Q: What's the name of the girl in Petalburg who's waiting patiently for Koops' return?
  • A: Koopie Koo
  • Q: Where was the one, the only, Diamond Star?
  • A: Hooktail’s Belly
  • Q: What number question is this?
  • A: Number Seven