Quistis Trepe is a playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. She is a child prodigy and Blue Mage, and Instructor No. 14 at Balamb Garden.


Quistis is known as a child prodigy around Balamb Garden. At the age of 15 she became a SeeD, and now at 18 is the youngest instructor in the Garden. She is less strict than the other instructors, leading some of her students to not take her seriously and to treat her with disrespect. Quistis tries to maintain her calm and due to her quiet assertiveness, stoic nature, and restraint, she mulls over her worries alone, kept at a distance from her pupils by her rank.

Quistis would love to develop a more personal relationship with the people around her, particularly with Squall, yet hesitates to make a move. At first she mistakes her feeling protective of Squall for love, but later comes to realize the connection she felt was the latent sisterly feelings of responsibility from a time she had tried to comfort him after he had become estranged from his "Sis". Despite her composed exterior, Quistis can get emotional. She thinks of herself as the group's "big sister" and takes it upon herself to look after everyone. As she regards the Garden as her home, she is fiercely protective of it.

When she feels at ease Quistis displays her more easygoing side. Unbeknown to most, Quistis is the best Triple Triad player in Balamb Garden, and a member of a secretive card club. If she is in the party when they visit Zell's room in Balamb, she will playfully snub him by recounting an embarrassing story of him, and if the party visits the manor in Winhill, Quistis spooks her teammates by pretending to be a ghostly voice emanating from an old suit of armor.

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