Quint is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily in Mega Man II. He has a weapon called Sakugarne. He's not a Mega Man Killer, but he serves as the same roles of Enker, Punk and Ballade. Quint's origin remains a cause of controversy, in the Japanese continuity Quint was made by the plans  of Dr. Wily in the future, gave his plans to his past self. In other countries, Quint was actually Megaman from the future, who was captured by Dr. Wily, who in turned reprogrammed and remolded him into Quint.


Quint will hop and land on the ground to create a destruction, causing rocks to hit Mega Man. Touching him on contact will damage him.


Mega Man II

Quint will be difficult to beat without his weakness. He'll hop on a space where Mega Man's standing on. Mega Man can use the Hard Knuckle, but it cannot penetrate through the rocks. Quint will repeat the pattern again.

Mega Man V

Quint will behave like the one in Mega Man II, except the contact and ground debris attack have the attacks increased. His weakness is Photon Missile.


  • Quint is a play on the musical name, Quintet.
  • Quint is referenced as Quintet in the Nintendo Power magazine.
  • In the North American boxart, Quint is red and white, making him look like Proto Man.
  • Despite popular belief Quint is not a Mega Man Killer. This is supported by the fact in the game the Hard Knuckle is his weakness, while in other games the Megaman Killers can only be defeated with the Mega Buster.
  • Also contrary to popular belief Quint is not R-Shadow in Megaman & Bass: Challenger from the future, though he does make a cameo appearance.
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