Quina Quen is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX. S/he is apparently a genderless Qu who specializes in blue magic, and loves eating frogs. Quina serves as comic relief, often failing in his/her eternal quest to consume new cuisine. S/he speaks in broken English, as all Qu do, and will often eat anything s/he sees. Quina's eating habits are one of his/her greatest skills, as Quina learns Blu Mag by consuming an enemy.


Quina has a childlike curiosity for the world and is always ready to explore new locations to find new tastes; when arriving at a new location, Quina is quick to smell and taste-test the local wildlife and cuisine to discover delicacies. The childlike curiosity is Quina's dominant personality trait, as s/he is delighted by the small things in life, and takes the journey as a learning experience. Quina can be reckless, such as when s/he jumps head-first into the canal in Treno after thinking s/he spotted food down there.

Setbacks don't bother him/her much, and s/he is soon back on his/her feet ready for new experiences. Quina has great respect for Qus elder to him/her, and at first wants to journey with Zidane because his/her Master tells him to. In an optional event in Quan's Dwelling it is revealed that Quina is on his/her way to become an excellent gourmand because of his/her vivid imagination, and it is hinted Quina has already surpassed his/her Master in the ways of the gourmand.

Although it may seem that Quina is the least involved in the quest the heroes undertake, being more interested in food than world events and going off on his/her own numerous times to pursue his/her own interests, s/he does develop a bond to the party. Quina attempts to cheer Freya up en route to Burmecia, and assures Vivi—who worries not being human—that he is as human as anyone else in the world. Quina helps Eiko cook in Madain Sari, teaching her that cooking for friends is at the core of love for food. When Quina is paired with Zidane to go explore the Earth Shrine, s/he is happy to go with him even if knowing Zidane only took him/her because s/he was the one left over when everyone else already left, saying that leftovers are a good thing. In Pandemonium, Quina eagerly helps Steiner fight off a monster.

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