The Queen Shearwig is a large member of the Mandiblard Family that serves as the fifth Boss of Hey! Pikmin. The Queen Shearwig is a huge pink flying Mandiblard that commands Shearwigs into battle.


When the battle starts, the Queen Shearwig will be behind a group of 30 Shearwigs chasing after Olimar and its group of Winged Pikmin. She will move behind the pack to avoid potential attacks from the Pikmin, periodically one of the Shearwig will enter in an invincible state and spin toward the Pikmin. Olimar must send it's Pikmin on the Shearwigs to kill them and eventually be able to hurt the queen. Once her health are at two third, she will summon 30 more Shearwigs now bundled in two waves, each one having in 5 groups of 3 Shearwigs. The waves are killable but will kill Pikmin if they reach them. The Queen will then spin and attack, like the Shearwigs, she is invincible while spinning this will only kill Pikmin if they are thrown on it.

After this, the cycle repeat itself but the Shearwig will now do the same attack as the Queen and the Queen herself will sometimes get out of reach. Once her life reach the last third, the Shearwig will circle around Olimar in waves of 15 and if they are not killed will eventually attack him all at once and take away some of his Pikmin. The Queen will then do the same attack as she usually do, after this, the cycle will repeat but the Shearwigs will now curves when they attacks.


Hey! Pikmin


Hey! Pikmin Log

"So, other creatures besides Pikmin will act as a unit... I could clearly see the queen giving orders and the soldiers coordinating their attacks. But the bond between me and my Winged Pikmin won out in the end! Teamwork is at its best when each member of the team has a deep understanding with the others."

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