Queen Rutela is a queen of the Zora who ruled on her people before the events of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is the mother of Prince Ralis and was the wife of an unamed king of the Zoras who died an prior to the Twili invasion. By the time of the game, Queen Rutela herself has been executed by Zant's army and appear as a spirit to Link in order to help him save her son.


Rutela was the wife of a late king Zora with whom she had her son, Ralis. When Zant launched his attack on Hyrule, Shadow Beasts overwhelmed the Zoras and executed the queen in front of her people to make an example. Zora's Domain was then completely frozen by magic with most of its inhabitants trapped in the ice alongside the city. Ralis is one of the only Zora who escaped the curse as he was sent by his mother to Hyrule Castle Town in order to request Princess Zelda's help as soon as the invasion began.

After Link and Midna save Zora's Domain with the help of the Molten Shard, Rutela appears before them as a Spirit. She thanks the duo for saving her people and tells them her tale. She then request Link's help as she is feeling that her son is slowly dying from illness and promise to grant him the Zora Armor in return.

After Ralis is rescued and brought to Kakariko Village to be healed, Rutela appear once again and leads Link to a hidden grave in Kakariko's Graveyard. This grave belongs to King Zora and it is also where the Zora Armor rests. She then ask Link to tell her son that she loves him without end before disappearing. After clearing the Lakebed Temple, Link can learn from Ralis that his mother has been appearing in his dreams and showed him Link's image, telling him that he was the one who would save Zora's Domain and steer his destiny. She appears one last time as a spirit in front of her son during the ending.

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