Qix is a Game Boy remake of the Taito game of the same name. Released early on in the Game Boy's life, this remake was developed and published by Nintendo. The game supports multiplayer via a Game Boy Link Cable. It was later released on June 15, 2011 as a Virtual Console game for the Nintendo 3DS portable system for Japan and the rest of the world on July 7, 2011.

In-game cameos

Being developed by Nintendo, there are various references to their most popular franchise. Mario and various characters from the series appear throughout the game. Depending on how points you've acquired in a round, you'll get an image of Mario dressed in clothes originating from different countries. In order of their appearance, the different clothes Mario will wear come from Mexico, Africa, Spain, India, China, and England. The final clothes are the clothes they normally wear in the game (the final one also contains Luigi, Peach, and Toad in a traditional Mario setting).

In the multiplayer mode, the first team is known as Team Mario while the second is Team Luigi.

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