Qbby ​is the main playable character from the BOXBOY series. He can create boxes that serve different purpose to progress through levels. He also has an amiibo.


Qbby is a white cube-shaped creature with small legs and two eyes. When represented in 3D in cameos, he is a cube. In his series, he has a wide variety of accessories to wear. 

Other Appearances

  • In Kirby Battle Royale, there is a hat with Qbby on it.
  • In Kirby Star Allies, Qbby appears in one of Stone Kirby's transformations.
  • As part of an April Fool's joke, HAL Laboratory released pictures of a square shaped Kirby and a round Qbby.
  • There is a keychain that features him and Kirby, with Kirby being square shaped.
  • In SSBU, Qbby appears as a Spirit, which starts players with an Ore Club when equipped.
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