Pyrrhon is the self-proclaimed Sun God, an eccentric character who sees himself as a champion of justice.

Pyrrhon is one of the few deities not involved in the conflict among Palutena, Viridi, and Hades prior to the Aurum invasion because he is not highly regarded among gods.

Official Descriptions

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Idol Description (Pyrrhon)

"The self-proclaimed "Sun God" who is investigating-and entranced by-the wondrous and alien Aurum. Pyrrhon's massive ego seems inversely proportional to his intelligence, making his boasts of divine lineage a bit hard to swallow."

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Idol Description (Aurum Pyrrhon)

"After Pyrrhon tries to take over the Aurum Brain and control its vast army, the Aurum Brain wins the battle of minds and absorbs him, destroying his free will and using him as another weapon in its arsenal."

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