Pyribbit is the boss of Endless Explosions in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. He holds a grand Sun Stone within his possession. He resembles a giant, red frog-like monster and wears a fiery crown on his head. He is at first seen sleeping when Kirby enters the stage. Once he enters the chamber Pyribbit rests inside, Kirby sees Taranza. Taranza, quick to make his getaway, grabs a stone and throws it at where Pyribbit is sleeping. Enraged, Pyribbit assumes that Kirby is the perpetrator, and they square off.

Boss Battle

Pyribbit uses fire-based attacks. He may hop around the stage to dodge Kirby's attacks or do some small skips around the platform with fire under his feet. Once he reaches the middle of the platform, he spins, launching fire everywhere. He can also jump into the magma and then appear. Kirby must keep his distance lest Pyribbit eats him, dealing significant damage. Pyribbit can also hop back and forth on the stones and fire fireballs from his crest. These fireballs can be inhaled before their detonation for the Fire ability. Pyribbit can also jump high into the air and then bounce around the screen.

Pyribbit changes his attack pattern after Kirby knocks him down to 50% Pyribbit's stamina. At this, Pyribbit will summon a short volcano and jump on top, where he begins his next attack: summoning Magman-esque lava pillars that charge at the screen. Kirby must find a gap in their assault or fly above their heads as they charge, lest he be knocked into the lava for heavy damage. Pyribbit still retains his first phase's moveset, though it gains upgrades. His fireballs come out more often, for example. Kirby must also be quicker on his toes. Pyribbit can also spout a huge gout of flame from his mouth while spinning. Kirby has to use his float to avoid damage. Another attack has him summon four volcanic rocks to crush Kirby from above. These rocks will rain down on their target in a pattern. Pyribbit himself then slams down in case those rocks miss. This can be repeated up to three times. He can also launch lava form his crown and spin left and right.

Once he is defeatd, Pyribbit is sent flying into the lava. His attempts to escape are futile, however, and the rocks that made their entrance during the transition to his second phase crush Pyribbit, killing him.


Pyribbit earned his English name from the Greek Pyr, which means fire, and the English onomatopoeia for a frog croak. His Japanese name, Vorugomeru, comes from the English Volcano and the Japanese onomatopoeia for a frog croak, Gero. These names are appropriate for him since he uses fire in his arsenal and he is based off a frog.

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