Puzzle League (Panel De Pon/Panepon) is a puzzle series by Nintendo. It was originally called Panel de Pon with the original Japanese release which was localized as Tetris Attack, despite the game not really playing like Tetris. It would not become Puzzle League with the Pokémon Puzzle League.

Series Elements

The main gameplay are a puzzle game along the lines of Tetris or Puyo Puyo. The goal is to clear out the play area of various colored blocks to prevent them from reaching the top of the screen. Players can only remove blocks by lining up vertical or horizontal lines of 3 or more same colored blocks. However, the player can only move blocks by swapping adjacent spaces horizontally. Blocks can be moved into empty spaces but, they obey the laws of gravity and fall to the lowest empty space in the column. The bottom of play area is constantly rising with new blocks and it gets faster as they play. In competitive modes, there are garbage blocks.

The original Panel de Pon games had a mascot fairy named Lip.

List of Games