Puzzle & Dragons Z is a game for the 3DS based on the mobile game Puzzle & Dragons by GungHo Online Entertainment. It was released in the West as a part of a compilation Puzzle & Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. Edition by Nintendo


You must build a team of monsters and explore dungeons to fight other monsters. To attack or recover, you must make a line of three or more orbs of the same type in one turn. For every turn, you have a few seconds to touch and drag an orb, displacing other orbs in the process. With careful planning and some luck, you could create a combo (multiple lines) in one turn, giving greater results in that turn.

Similar to Pokemon, any monster defeated could be caught and subsequently used on your team for future battles. Every monster has an element, and every element is strong or weak against another. It is recommended to build and adjust your teams for any situation, as some battles have themes or restrictions.



Nearly every monster in this game have Skills and Leader Skills. Skills can range from dealing damage to changing orbs on the playfield. With the right condition, Skills can be used anytime during battle.

Leader Skills are passive bonuses to your team. These can range from health recovery every turn to stronger combo results. Only two monsters can have their Leader Skills active: the leader and the helper.

Defeating monsters in battle can yield eggs. Hatching these eggs will give you the same monster it came from, which is this game's equivalent to catching monsters.

Defeating monsters can also yield chips. Chips are used to evolve a monster.  Evolving monsters make them stronger, and raises their maximum level cap. Take note: some monsters have multiple possible evolutions, some of which will completely change their Skills and Leader Skills.



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