Puyo Puyo ~n (JP) is an entry in the Puyo Puyo puzzle game series. The Nintendo 64 version was released as Puyo Puyo ~n Party (JP) while the Game Boy Color version was released as Pocket Puyo Puyo ~n(JP).


The gameplay is similar to previous Puyo Puyo games, but with the addition of "special moves". The special moves can do things like add extra nuisance puyo to the opponent's playing field.


Satan is looking at some books in a magical library when he comes across a black box. He begins to examine the black box before it breaks free from his hands and opens. The next morning a Puyo Circus has arrived, and Arle alongside Carbuncle go to check it out. They are greeted by a mysterious jester-looking figure.

When Arle arrives, something does not appear right, and Carbuncle disappears. Arle has to navigate her way past a number of foes as before. During her quest Draco, Seriri, Witch and Chico join up with Arle as they face various other opponents. Rulue knew something was up with Satan, and as Arle met him, he appeared strange and unlike his normal self. He freezes the other characters so that they do not interfere. Arle beats Satan, who wakes up and asks why Arle was there. Satan explains to Arle that he was brainwashed by a stronger foe, and the jester figure appears afterwards, revealing herself to be a doppelganger of Arle. The two have a fight to see who exists in the world, and Arle emerges victorious.

After the fight, The doppelganger insists that she is "The Real Arle" who existed in the world, feeling weakened by her defeat, she soon fades away, much to Arle's shock. Seconds later, Carbuncle reappears in the room and Arle is thrilled to see him again. The gem on Carbuncle's forehead shines and Arle asks what was wrong, he discharges the beam from his forehead and the screen fades to white then black.

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