Puyo Pop is the first of the Puyo Puyo games made for the Game Boy Advance, and the first produced by Sonic Team after Compile went bankrupt and sold the rights to Sega.



Satan, the main "villain" from the previous games, is once again up to no good. He splits up five gold runes, and they are handed off to different individuals across the globe. Satan then sets up a Puyo Puyo contest. Carbuncle runs off for it, and Arle gives chase, thus starting her strange journey to collect the runes and find Carbuncle. At the end, it is revealed that the runes are actually a ticket for Arle and himself to go and bathe at some hot springs, made from the finest curry powder with the faintest scent for Carbuncle to trace. Arle then breaks the curry blocks, foiling Satan once again and leaving him to cry hysterically, whilst Arle uses the blocks to make curry.

In the English versions of the game, Satan's name was changed to Dark Prince, for obvious reasons concerning religion.


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