Pure Nintendo Magazine is a Nintendo magazine. It is often abbreviated as PNM. It is available worldwide, offering digital copies of the magazine and print copies as well.


Pure Nintendo started as a blog website,, created by Justin Sharp on June 13, 2006. It consists of many blog posts about the most up-to-date Nintendo news.  Pure Nintendo branched out to writing a magazine in October 2011 with their publication called Pure Nintendo Magazine (PNM).  PNM is a bi-monthly magazine with the initial digital-only issues 1 - 5 that were available for free online.  The Aug./Sept. 2012 Issue 6 (Pikmin 3 cover) was the first issue available for purchase in print.  Currently all individual/back issues (including issues 1 - 5) are available in digital or print format at HP MagCloud .  Subscription for PNM can be ordered at Pure Nintendo's PNM Subscription Page .

Pure Nintendo launched a Kickstarter campaign on September 11, 2012 to help launch subscription service for PNM.  The PNM Kickstarter raised upwards of $22,386, which was a considerable amount over their goal of $20,000.  The first issue that Kickstarter backers received was Oct./Nov. 2012 Issue 7 (Darksider 2 cover).

Since the Kickstarter, Pure Nintendo has developed a free PNM app that is available on the Apple AppStore (iOS) and Google Play (Android) .  The free mobile app for phone and tablet devices provide access to the interactive digital version of PNM.  PNM was also featured in the May 'Equip' Loot Crate , which is a subscription box service.

As of June 2014 Pure Nintendo officially announced that they have discontinued print subscriptions. PNM is still available in digital format and Pure Nintendo will continue to improve upon their current interactive digital version of the magazine. Current subscribers will still receive print subscription service through the end of their subscriptions. Individual print issues are still available for purchase even though print subscriptions are no longer available.

List of Issues

Issue Month(s) Cover Webpage
1 Oct. 2011 PNM-1 Cover [1]
2 Nov. 2011 PNM-2 Cover [2]
3 Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012 PNM-3 Cover [3]
4 Feb./Mar. 2012 PNM-4 Cover [4]
5 Apr./May 2012 PNM-5 Cover [5]
6 Aug./Sept. 2012 PNM6coverspread [6]
7 Oct./Nov. 2012 PNM7coverspread [7]
8 Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013 PNM-8 Cover Spread [8]
9 Feb./Mar. 2013 PNM-9 Cover Spread [9]
10 Apr./May 2013 PNM-10 Cover Spread [10]
11 June/July 2013 PNM-11 Cover Spread [11]
12 Aug./Sept. 2013 PNM-12 Cover Spread [12]
13 Oct./Nov. 2013 PNM-13 Cover Spread [13]
14 Dec. 2013/Jan. 2014 PNM14-spread [14]
15 Feb./Mar. 2014 PNM15-spread-small [15]
16 Apr./May 2014 PNM16-coverspread [16]
17 June/July 2014 PNM17-coverspread [17]
18 Aug./Sept. 2014 PNM18-coverspread [18]
19 Oct./Nov. 2014 PNM19-coverspread [19]


Offer Yearly Price Description
PNM Digital $9.99 6 Issues of the digital (PDF) version of PNM. (Interactive versions accessible via free mobile app available on Apple AppStore (iOS) and Google Play (Android) and compatible with all Apple/Android phone and tablet devices)

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