Punch Race

Punch Race (Nintendo version).


Note: This is the Swedish version of the game which Nintendo was not involved in.

In the early 1960s Milton Bradley licensed their Dragster product to Nintendo to release in the Japanese market as Punch Race for 1000 yen. With the toy users place their vehicle on the launchpad and let it loose. The cars that come with every unit are extremely small and identical in appearance to one another (despite a change in color). The first car that reaches the finish line wins the "game".


The following are some of the alterations that Nintendo made over the Milton Bradley version (it's unknown whether MB was involved in the changes or not):

  • While both versions come with two launch pads, Nintendo made the colors of each launch pad different (white and blue in one version and red and green in another) whereas the MB version's launch pads were both white.
  • The color of the cars in the MB version were red and blue while Nintendo made theirs' red and white.
  • The MB version features elevated launchpads while the Nintendo version's launchpads are completely flat.
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