The Puffy Blubbug is a blue flying member of the Bloather Family featured in Hey! Pikmin. They have a thick layer of fat around their body, which can cause Captain Olimar or his Pikmin to be bumped into hazards. Unlike the regular Blubbug, the Puffy Blubbug is able to fly. According to Olimar, its hair coat come from the need of protecting itself from the extreme cold from that even its thick layer fat is unable to block.


The Puffy Blubbug is a docile creature that is unable to damage Olimar or his Pikmin directly but since they can bounce off of its fat, it is very dangerous as they could be bumped into hazards. The Puffy Blubbug is also able to fly, which can be a problem due to it being bouncy. It cannot be killed by Pikmin.


Hey! Pikmin


Hey! Pikmin Log

"The snow makes this creature's habitat so cold that its normal layer of fat wasn't enough. Hence the need for its coat of fine hair. It's too big for me to get my arms around, but it looks so warm that I wish there was some way to hug it."

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