The Puffstool was a bizarre but formidable enemy from the Sporovid Family exclusive to Pikmin.

Residing only in The Forest Navel's darkest corner, it used spores to turn Olimar's Pikmin against him. By attacking only the yellow part of the creature and calling Pikmin back before the spores could take control, Olimar is able to defeat the puffstool and carry back the ship part it had taken, the Omega Stabilizer. It was a necessary part in order to escape The Distant Planet.


Guide Book

"Red Sporovids seem to have developed higher functions than other fungi, as evidenced by the protruding reproductive organs on their caps. These organs act much like a flower would on a normal plant. This species appears to be able to separate for a short time from the fungal colony to which it belongs. This occurs when the mushroom cap has reached a certain size and the spore sac is full. It will then sever its connection to the colony to walk around a limited area to spread the spores. This walking form can no longer absorb nutrients from the colony, but if the released spores contact another living creature, spore-encased fungal filaments will begin an explosive cycle of reproduction within the host, taking over its central nervous system. The host will be controlled by the Red Sporovid within its area of activity. Edible, considered a delicacy. Referred to as "punchstool" in some locales."

Reel notes

"Many consider this walking fungus a delicacy."

Ship Log

"This creature's cap is elastic, negating any Pikmin attacks. Attacking its lower torso works better, but the Puffstool lets out spores that turn the Pikmin into mushrooms, which then attack me! They return to normal when shaken off.""


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