List of psychic-type Pokémon

Pokémon Type Information
PKMN063.png Abra PsychicPsychic
PKMN064.png Kadabra PsychicPsychic
PKMN065.png Alakazam PsychicPsychic
PKMN079.png Slowpoke WaterWaterPsychicPsychic
PKMN080.png Slowbro WaterWaterPsychicPsychic
PKMN096.png Drowzee PsychicPsychic
PKMN097.png Hypno PsychicPsychic
PKMN102.png Exeggcute GrassGrassPsychicPsychic
PKMN103.png Exeggutor GrassGrassPsychicPsychic
PKMN121.png Starmie WaterWaterPsychicPsychic
PKMN122.png Mr. Mime PsychicPsychicFairyFairy
PKMN124.png Jynx IceIcePsychicPsychic
PKMN150.png Mewtwo PsychicPsychic
PKMN151.png Mew PsychicPsychic
PKMN177.png Natu PsychicPsychicFlyingFlying
PKMN178.png Xatu PsychicPsychicFlyingFlying
PKMN196.png Espeon PsychicPsychic
PKMN199.png Slowking WaterWaterPsychicPsychic
PKMN201.png Unown PsychicPsychic
PKMN202.png Wobbuffet PsychicPsychic
PKMN203.png Girafarig NormalNormalPsychicPsychic
PKMN238.png Smoochum IceIcePsychicPsychic
PKMN249.png Lugia PsychicPsychicFlyingFlying
PKMN251.png Celebi PsychicPsychicGrassGrass
PKMN280.png Ralts PsychicPsychicFairyFairy
PKMN281.png Kirlia PsychicPsychicFairyFairy
PKMN282.png Gardevoir PsychicPsychicFairyFairy
PKMN307.png Meditite FightingFightingPsychicPsychic
PKMN308.png Medicham FightingFightingPsychicPsychic
PKMN325.png Spoink PsychicPsychic
PKMN326.png Grumpig PsychicPsychic
PKMN337.png Lunatone RockRockPsychicPsychic
PKMN338.png Solrock RockRockPsychicPsychic
PKMN343.png Baltoy GroundGroundPsychicPsychic
PKMN344.png Claydol GroundGroundPsychicPsychic
PKMN358.png Chimecho PsychicPsychic
PKMN360.png Wynaut PsychicPsychic
PKMN374.png Beldum SteelSteelPsychicPsychic
PKMN375.png Metang SteelSteelPsychicPsychic
PKMN376.png Metagross SteelSteelPsychicPsychic
PKMN380.png Latias DragonDragonPsychicPsychic
PKMN381.png Latios DragonDragonPsychicPsychic
PKMN385.png Jirachi SteelSteelPsychicPsychic
PKMN386.png Deoxys PsychicPsychic
PKMN433.png Chingling PsychicPsychic
PKMN436.png Bronzor SteelSteelPsychicPsychic
PKMN437.png Bronzong SteelSteelPsychicPsychic
PKMN439.png Mime Jr. PsychicPsychicFairyFairy
PKMN475.png Gallade PsychicPsychicFightingFighting
PKMN480.png Uxie PsychicPsychic
PKMN481.png Mesprit PsychicPsychic
PKMN482.png Azelf PsychicPsychic
PKMN488.png Cresselia PsychicPsychic
PKMN494.png Victini PsychicPsychicFireFire
PKMN517.png Munna PsychicPsychic
PKMN518.png Musharna PsychicPsychic
PKMN527.png Woobat PsychicPsychicFlyingFlying
PKMN528.png Swoobat PsychicPsychicFlyingFlying
PKMN561.png Sigilyph PsychicPsychicFlyingFlying
PKMN574.png Gothita PsychicPsychic Common Psychic type in Unova. Black exclusive
PKMN575.png Gothorita PsychicPsychic
PKMN576.png Gothitelle PsychicPsychic
PKMN577.png Solosis PsychicPsychic Common Psychic type in Unova. White exclusive
PKMN578.png Duosion PsychicPsychic
PKMN579.png Reuniclus PsychicPsychic
PKMN605.png Elgyem PsychicPsychic
PKMN606.png Beheeyem PsychicPsychic
PKMN648.png Meloetta NormalNormalPsychicPsychic
PKMNXY655.png Delphox FireFirePsychicPsychic
PKMNXY677.png Espurr PsychicPsychic
PKMNXY678.png Meowstic PsychicPsychic
PKMNXY686.png Inkay DarkDarkPsychicPsychic
PKMNXY687.png Malamar DarkDarkPsychicPsychic
PKMNXY720.png Hoopa PsychicPsychicGhostGhost
PKMNSM765.png Oranguru NormalNormalPsychicPsychic
PKMNSM779.png Bruxish WaterWaterPsychicPsychic
PKMNSM786.png Tapu Lele PsychicPsychicFairyFairy
PKMNSM789.png Cosmog PsychicPsychic
PKMNSM790.png Cosmoem PsychicPsychic
PKMNSM791.png Solgaleo PsychicPsychicSteelSteel
PKMNSM792.png Lunala PsychicPsychicGhostGhost
PKMNSM800.png Necrozma PsychicPsychic
PKMNSS825.png Dottler BugBugPsychicPsychic
PKMNSS826.png Orbeetle BugBugPsychicPsychic
PKMNSS856.png Hatenna PsychicPsychic
PKMNSS857.png Hattrem PsychicPsychic
PKMNSS858.png Hatterene PsychicPsychicFairyFairy
PKMNSS866.png Mr. Rime IceIcePsychicPsychic
PKMNSS876.png Indeedee PsychicPsychicNormalNormal
Calyrex PsychicPsychicGrassGrass

Alternate Forms

Pokémon Type Information
PKMNSM026-A.png Raichu
Alola form
PKMNXY065-M.png Mega Alakazam PsychicPsychic
PKMNSS077-G.png Ponyta
Galar Form
PKMNSS078-G.png Rapidash
Galar Form
PKMNSS079-G.png Slowpoke
Galar Form
PKMN080-M.png Mega Slowbro WaterWaterPsychicPsychic
PKMNSS122-G.png Mr. Mime
Galar Form
PKMN150-X.png Mega Mewtwo X PsychicPsychicFightingFighting
120px Mega Mewtwo Y PsychicPsychic
PKMNXY282-M.png Mega Gardevoir PsychicPsychicFairyFairy
120px Mega Medicham FightingFightingPsychicPsychic
120px Mega Metagross SteelSteelPsychicPsychic
PKMN380-M.png Mega Latias DragonDragonPsychicPsychic
PKMN381-M.png Mega Latios DragonDragonPsychicPsychic
PKMN475-M.png Mega Gallade PsychicPsychicFightingFighting
120px Arceus

Mind Plate

PKMN555-Z.png Darmanitan

Zen Mode

120px Hoopa Unbound PsychicPsychicDarkDark
PKMNSM741-Pau.png Oricorio
Pa'u Style
Psychic Memory
PKMNSM800-Dawn.png Necrozma

Dawn Wings

PKMNSM800-Dusk.png Necrozma

Dusk Mane

PKMNSM800-Ultra.png Ultra Necrozma PsychicPsychicDragonDragon

List of psychic-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Psybeam SpecialSpecial Beautiful 20 65 100% First
Confusion SpecialSpecial Clever 25 50 100% First
Psychic SpecialSpecial Clever 10 90 100% First
Hypnosis StatusStatus Clever 20 60% First
Meditate StatusStatus Beautiful 40 First
Agility StatusStatus Cool 30 First
Teleport StatusStatus Cool 20 First
Barrier StatusStatus Cool 30 First
Light Screen StatusStatus Beautiful 30 First
Reflect StatusStatus Clever 20 First
Amnesia StatusStatus Cute 20 First
Kinesis StatusStatus Clever 15 80% First
Dream Eater SpecialSpecial Clever 15 100 100% First
Psywave SpecialSpecial Clever 15 Varies 80% First
Rest StatusStatus Cute 10 First
Mirror Coat SpecialSpecial Beautiful 20 Varies 100% Second
Future Sight SpecialSpecial Clever 10 120 100% Second
Trick StatusStatus Clever 10 100% Third
Role Play StatusStatus Cute 10 100% Third
Magic Coat StatusStatus Beautiful 15 100% Third
Skill Swap StatusStatus Clever 10 100% Third
Imprison StatusStatus Clever 10 100% Third
Luster Purge SpecialSpecial Clever 5 70 100% Third
Mist Ball SpecialSpecial Clever 5 70 100% Third
Cosmic Power StatusStatus Cool 20 Third
Extrasensory SpecialSpecial Cool 30 80 100% Third
Calm Mind StatusStatus Clever 20 Third
Psycho Boost SpecialSpecial Clever 5 140 90% Third
Gravity StatusStatus Beautiful 5 Fourth
Miracle Eye StatusStatus Cute 40 Fourth
Healing Wish StatusStatus Cute 10 Fourth
Psycho Shift StatusStatus Cool 10 90% Fourth
Heal Block StatusStatus Cute 15 100% Fourth
Power Trick StatusStatus Cool 10 Fourth
Power Swap StatusStatus Beautiful 10 Fourth
Guard Swap StatusStatus Cute 10 Fourth
Heart Swap StatusStatus Cool 10 Fourth
Psycho Cut PhysicalPhysical Cool 20 70 100% Fourth
Zen Headbutt PhysicalPhysical Beautiful 15 80 90% Fourth
Trick Room StatusStatus Cute 5 Fourth
Lunar Dance StatusStatus Beautiful 10 Fourth
Guard Split StatusStatus Clever 10 Fifth
Power Split StatusStatus Clever 10 Fifth
Wonder Room StatusStatus Clever 10 Fifth
Psyshock SpecialSpecial Beautiful 10 80 100% Fifth
Telekinesis StatusStatus Clever 15 Fifth
Magic Room StatusStatus Clever 10 Fifth
Synchronoise SpecialSpecial Clever 15 120 100% Fifth
Stored Power SpecialSpecial Clever 10 20 100% Fifth
Ally Switch StatusStatus Clever 15 Fifth
Heal Pulse StatusStatus Beautiful 10 Fifth
Heart Stamp PhysicalPhysical Cute 25 60 100% Fifth
Psystrike SpecialSpecial Cool 10 100 100% Fifth
Hyperspace Hole SpecialSpecial Clever 5 80 Sixth
Instruct StatusStatus ??? 15 Seventh
Prismatic Laser SpecialSpecial ??? 10 160 100% Seventh
Psychic Fangs PhysicalPhysical ??? 10 85 100% Seventh
Psychic Terrain StatusStatus ??? 10 Seventh
Speed Swap StatusStatus ??? 10 Seventh
Photon Geyser SpecialSpecial ??? 5 100 100% Seventh
Glitzy Glow SpecialSpecial ??? 15 90 100% Seventh
Magic Powder StatusStatus ??? 20 100% Eighth


  • Shattered Psyche (Psychium Z)
  • Genesis Supernova (Mewnium Z) - Psychic
  • Light That Burns the Sky (Ultranecrozium Z) - Photon Geyser
  • Max Mindstorm
  • G-Max Gravitas - Orbeetle
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