The Protagonist of Astral Chain (surname Howard, given name chosen by the player), is the main character of Astral Chain. They and their twin, Akira Howard, were adopted by Maximilian Howard when they were young. In the game, they and Akira work as officers in Neuron.


Super Smash Bros. series

=Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The protagonist was added as two distinct Spirits during the "Chain the Future" event that started on January 17, 2020. The two spirits are based on both selectable genders the protagonist. They are both Ace Primary Spirits with different attributes. The female is depicted with the Sword Legion while the male is depicted with the Arrow Legion.

No. Image Name Type Class Slots Stats Ability Acquisition
ASTRAL CHAIN Hero (Female)
ASTRAL CHAIN Hero (Female) Attack ★★★ 2 *3,243—9,755

  • Brawn Badge: 1,740—5,233
  • Protection Badge: 1,209—3,636
Sword Attack ↑
ASTRAL CHAIN Hero (Male) Grab ★★★ 2
  • 3,183—9,578
  • Brawn Badge: 1,695—5,100
  • Protection Badge: 1,253—3,769
Shooting Items Power ↑


  • The male default names are Hayato, Kazuma, Ryo, and Yamato, while the female default names are Akane, Kaede, Miki, and Misaki.
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