Prope Limited is a independent game development studio founded by Sonic Team's programmer,Yuji Naka. It's famous for Ivy the Kiwi? and the indefinite release of Rodea the Sky Soldier. They currently have 40 employees.

Company History

The company was originally founded by Naka as a part of Sega's "support program for Independent Game Creator." He left the Sonic team along with 10 members and a starting budget of 10 million yen to form this studio. 10% of the budget came from 10% of which came from Sega in exchange for the right of first refusal option for publishing games made at Prope, though if Sega rejects a title produced by the new studio, Naka would then be free to approach other publishers. The company officially began operations on June 1, 2006.

Games Developed




Wii U

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