Professor Vector is a character appearing in the Nintendo Entertainment System Robot series, which made use of the R.O.B. peripheral. In the video games he is noted as being the assistant to Professor Hector, and helping create creating R.O.B. Professor Vector is similar in appearance to Professor Hector, however, he has an orange coat and hair, as opposed to Hector's white attire.


Stack-Up (NA)

Professor Vector on the cover of Stack-Up.


Professor Vector appears in the 2-Player Bingo Game competing against Professor Hector for control over R.O.B. to stack the blocks in the proper sequence. Along the way, they both must face two viruses, Spike and Flipper, who have similar intentions.


In Gyromite, Professor Vector helps Professor Hector with their creation, R.O.B. This time, their laboratory has been laced with dynamite, which they must collect before it detonates. Their control of R.O.B. is crucial, as he is needed to lift the various blue and red gates that are obstructing their paths. They must also avoid Smicks, which have a weakness to Turnips.

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