Professor Frankly is a character that appeared in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. During the game, he will help Mario, and all of his partners, such as teaching him how to fight better, and helping him find the Thousand-Year Door. The game mentioned that he is a retired teacher at the Goom University, and taught Goombella, one of Mario's partners. If you ask Goombella who Professor Frankly is, she will tell you that Kolorado, a famous explorer Mario met back in Paper Mario, used to be a person being taught by Professor Frankly.


Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Frankly gives Mario and his party tips about the lands where the Crystal Stars are by reading through his books. He tells Mario and party of the dangers and legends about that land. He also give them information on the Thousand Year Door saying that the treasure behind it is was caused the destruction of the city that was on the grounds of Rogueport 1,000 years ago. Mario and party give him the messages about Peach's letters and he reads through his books and finds interesting clues. He later finds out of the Palace of Shadow behind the Thousand Year Door, and its treasure, the Shadow Queen. He has many books that help out on this adventure. He does whatever he can to help.

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