Pro Baseball Famista Climax is a baseball game for the Nintendo 3DS, as a part of the Famista series of games by Bandai Namco. It was released in April 2017. The game also included a download code for Famista Retro which is based on the NES entries with data from the 2017 season.


Like the previous entries, Climax is a arcade-like baseball experience based on the real baseball teams of Japan. This entry adds the Japan Women's Baseball League. The mascots of the various baseball teams are also playable. Players can compete online using the teams they've trained.

In Dream Pennant mode, the player travels along game boards upgrading their stats or facing off against opposing teams depending on the space they land.

In Famista Quest mode, the player competes in various minigames across Japan, collecting baseball players as they go along.

Players can also create their own stadium, shifting around the stands and adding various hazards and changing the terrain of parts of the outfield.


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