​Priscilla ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. She is a Troubadour born in the Cornwell clan of Ostia, who was adopted by Count Caerleon of Etruria when she was only six years old.


In the events following the destruction of House Cornwell by the corruption of Ostia, she was adopted by Count Caerleon of Etruria and lived her life in nobility. She often thought of her older brother, Raymond, who was separated from her in the aftermath of the destruction.

Apparently, she was quite oblivious to the details about her origins (likely because of her youth, and it is also possible that the Caerleons hid them from her), but when she heard rumors of the destruction of House Cornwell and the possible survival of her brother, she quickly arranged to set off. Count Pent Reglay of Etruria assigned his pupil, a Mage known as Erk, as her bodyguard. They set off, but were deterred in Laus as the marquess of the land, Lord Darin, learned of her and tried to marry her. After being rejected, Darin, in rage, leaves guards to imprison her in Laus until she agrees to marry him.

After a few days of deliberation, Erk leaves the village and travels north to seek aid from other Laus villagers, inadvertently leaving the princess vulnerable to attack from pirates to the east. They are both saved from Erik's cavalry by Eliwood's and Hector's army, which happened to be visiting Laus to confront the marquess about the disappearance of Marquess Pherae, Lord Elbert. Priscilla decides to join their group to keep her protection and to search for her brother.

Later, when storming Castle Caelin to rescue Lyn's grandfather, Priscilla encounters a notable Mercenary bearing a great resemblance to herself. With her discovering her long-lost brother, she weeps with joy only to be met with a cold rebuttal from him. His thoughts of not joining the army are quickly evaporated when Raymond learns of one of the Lords in the group, Hector of Ostia. Finding an ample target to exact his revenge on Ostia, Raymond joins, coldly reminding his sister that he is known as Raven now.

Priscilla travels with the party for the rest of the journey, either helping Raven make amends with his checkered past with Ostia, befriending Raven's retainer Lucius, learning about the truth of House Cornwell via their former vassal Oswin, or developing feelings for her bodyguard Erk, the wandering Myrmidon Guy, the Wyvern Rider Heath, or the Caelin Cavalier Sain.

Despite her royal connections, it is unknown if she was involved with the war with Bern.

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