Princess Simona (JP) is a character in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. She is the very beautiful princess of Stornway and the daughter of King Schott.


During the early events of the game, the Wight Knight defeated the guards of Stornway and asked for Princess Simona to meet him at Loch Storn. However King Schott believed that he was trying to take away Princess Simona to weaken the kingdom, and attempt to take over. So the king puts up a request to have an outsider defeat the Wight Knight. The Hero responds to the request in order to help the people of Stronway in order to get more Benevolessence. However Princess Simona wanted to go to the loch so that no one else would be hurt in order to protect her. But the hero still goes to the loch to fight the Wight Knight.

After defeating the Wight Knight, the hero returns to claim it's reward. The hero tells King Schott that the Wight Knight had mistaken Princess Simona for Princess Mona, and thought that Stornway was his home kingdom of Brigadoom. However that king doesn't believe that to be the truth, and decides not to reward anyone until the Wight Knight has been killed. However, Princess Simona believes that the Wight Knight was telling the truth, and tells the hero that she remembers hearing about the knight and Brigadoom in a nursery rhyme from her childhood nanny, Petra. She requests that the hero go to Zere and ask Petra about the nursery rhyme.

After the hero has defeated Morag, Princess Simona pretends to be Princess Mona in order to dance with the Wight Knight and to help his spirit pass on. When it's spirit begins to pass on, Wight Knight tells Princess Simona that he knew that she wasn't Princess Mona when they were dancing, but he is happy regardless that she danced with him, and thus is able to pass on.

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