Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a GameCube and Game Boy Advance video game and a revival of a series that originated in the early 90's. It has been both financially and critically successful, proudly having a 92% on Game Rankings. It features stunning graphics, plenty of puzzles that incorporate the time altering device known as the sands of time, and engaging combat.


One of the most noteworthy aspects of Sands of Time are the outstanding acrobats that the princes can perform, which will be used to get past the game's multiple obstacles. Some of these acrobats include running on walls for a short distance, swinging on bars and ropes, and jumping unlike any man has jumped before (in the real world, that is). For an in-depth look at his abilities, look below:

  • Jumping - Other than a standard jump, the prince can run towards a wall, jump and then perform a wall jump to gain higher ground. You'll be able to jump multiple walls in order to get to the top of a certain area.
  • Wall running - One of the most satisfying moves the princes can perform is wall running. To do this, you'll have to run towards a wall while at an angle. Following this, you'll press the required button which will cause the Prince to leap towards the wall, run to an extent, then fall back down to the ground. This is required in order to get past some portions of the game that feature huge pits that would kill you otherwise.
  • Sands of Time - The Sands of Time is an item that the game got its name from. Its unlike anything else in this game (and really any other game). If the player makes a mistake, which will commonly happen, he or she can use this item to reverse time to a limited extent and try over. There of course is a gauge, however, and you aren't allowed to do it continuously.
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