Prince of Persia is a title for the NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, SNES, and both the Wii and Nintendo 3DS Virtual Consoles (though it has been released on various other non-Nintendo consoles as well) and the first in the series of Prince of Persia titles. In the game, you're required to save a woman whom the villain plans to marry. Unfortunately for you, the antagonist has tossed you into a dungeon, and the goal is obviously to get out.


Being released on early consoles, Prince of Persia is a 2D sidescrolling title. There are various obstacles that can be surpassed by running and jumping. You'll find plenty of guards in the dungeon, and to dispatch of them you'll have to make use of your sword. Despite the fact that the prince has an unlimited amount of lives, he'll have to restart the level if he dies - which will more than likely happen often if you don't pay attention to your surroundings. Another unfortunate aspect for the player is the fact that you are required to finish the title in 60 minutes.

The tight controls have made the game challenging, albeit make the game more engaging and arguably realistic. While overall there are more impressive games on the NES graphically, the animations of the characters are very magnificent. They modeled the motions of the characters from live videos.

The SNES version is similar to the NES version though its graphics have been enhanced. A notable difference between the Japanese and American version of the game is the exclusion of a torture scene in the latter game. Because of it being rid in this version, the music is out of tune.


The entire game was created by college graduate Jordan Mechner. He created almost everything in the game, excluding the music and the role as a motion actor. These positions, however, were taken up by his father and brother, respectively. In all, it took a whopping 4 years to create. After its release, the game went on to sell a whopping 2 million copies.

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