Prince Ralis is a Zora ruler who accessed the thrown during the events of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is the son of Queen Rutela and an unamed Zora King.


Ralis was the prince of the Zora under his father and mother's rule. After his father's death, his mother took over the throne with Ralis as her heir. When Zant launched his invasion of the Light World, Ralis escaped the domain to require help from Princess Zelda but was attacked by monsters and saved by Ilia. In the meantime, Zant froze over the Zora Domain and had the Queen executed in front of her people.

Ralis quickly became ill for being outside of water for too long. The doctors of Hyrule Castle Town had no idea on how to heal no Hylians so Ralis is left on the brink of death. Telma has the idea to bring him to Renado in Kakariko Village who was known to deal with both Zora and Goron health problems. With the help of Link, Ralis is safely escorted to Kakariko Village. Soon after Link clears the Lakebed Temple, Ralis wakes up and recovers from his illness. However, he does not stay around the people of Kakariko Village and constantly stays at King Zora's grave in the Graveyard. If Link talks to him at this point Ralis will tell him that he saw him in a dream his mother sent him.

He eventually becomes the new King of the Zora despite his doubts about his own capacity to rule. When Link learns of the giant creature stealing Reekfishes from Zora's Domain, he is told that Prince Ralis is an expert Reekfish angler, which could allow him to obtain one such fish in order to follow the scent as a wolf. He learn from the prince that he uses a Coral Earring to bait said Reekfishes. Ralis entrusts his earring to Link and returns to Zora's Domain afterwards where he finally rule over the Zora. During the end credits, Ralis finds the spirit of his mother and continues to rule over the Zoras, but in a much happier state.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

SSBB Ralis Trophy Model

Prince Ralis was featured as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The trophy can simply be obtained randomly.

Trophy Description

  • "The prince of the Zora people, aquatic humanoids that inhabit the waters of Hyrule. Ralis is the son of Rutela, who was executed by creatures from the Twilight Realm. As a memento, Ralis keeps a coral earring. He is a great reekfish angler-the best, in fact, of all the Zora people."
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