The President of Hocotate Freight is a Hocotatian, found only in Pikmin 2, Hocotate Freight being an intergalactic delivery company. His role in the Pikmin series is as a playable leader: he replaces Louie after the repayment of the debt, as Louie has been left behind on the Distant Planet. The president has a purple light on top of his helmet's antenna, and also owns a pure gold version of Olimar's ship in Pikmin 2. During the event of Pikmin 3, Captain Olimar stated in his notes that the president is on vacation at a beach.

The president was created by Satomi Asakawa.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Brawl


The President - Brawl Trophy.png

The president of Hocotate Freight. After venturing into space in his youth, he made a shipping company. When it almost collapses after Louie's incident, and Olimar comes back from the Pikmin planet, the president discovers the outstanding value of Olimar's souvenir. He then sends his employees back to collect valuable treasures. His treatment of employees is questionable.