Power Soukoban is a Super Famicom video game based off of the game Soukoban. The game, due to being released in 1999, wasn't released in America or Europe since the consoles had been discontinued in those territories and replaced by the Nintendo 64. In Japan, Nintendo was still supporting the Super Famicom, though their support started to dwindle during the time of the game's release, with no major titles being released anymore, and very few Nintendo developed games being created. Power Soukoban is a puzzle game in which the player makes a demon push rocks into holes.


The game is based off of the classic Soukoban video games, though this title is considered slightly easier by fans. The puzzles are similar and overall the game doesn't offer too much more to the table. There are more ways to bail your character out than before, and the environments are more interesting with a castle theme, an ice theme, a jungle theme, and a different castle them.

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